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Are you looking for information on videography but don't know where to find it? Here are some great sites that you will find very useful.

Distributor of professional production tools ie: Photoshop,Premiere, After Effects and illustrator.

Australian site. Product guides - Apple iMac, Power Mac computers. iCards. AppleStore. Education. Design & publishing. Where to buy. Latest news.

Avid Australia
Australian site with links to international site, resellers, and product information.

Canon Australia
Manufacturer/importer of Canon camcorders, digital cameras, scanners, printers, faxes, copiers. IT and
business solutions. Solar technology and optical products.

Canopus Australia
Leading distributor in the Australian and New Zealand computer "specialist multimedia product" industry. Representing leading hardware and software manufacturers. Matrox, Canopus, Scala, Dealer network / distribution network includes: chain stores, specialty stores, OEM computer manufacturers and many independent computer outlets.

Digital Planet Technologies
Distributor of specialised computer peripherals for desktop video including JVC Professional, Miller,
MediaVision Pinnacle, Ulead, LakoPacific, Canopus Australia and many more.

HMP Media
Website design and video production for the web.

Manufacturer/importer of JVCCamcorders, Vcrs, hi-fi, professional video, Tv, and Hi-Fi.

Matrox offer real solutions, Whether you're creating commercial spots for national television,
documentaries, music videos, training material, corporate presentations, product promos, or even wedding videos, there's a Matrox realtime-editing platform that will let you capture and edit only once, then deliver your program on tape, DVD, CD and the web. Matrox has a solution for you!

Miller Professional
Australian manufacturer of high quality professional video and film fluid action and lightweight tripods.
Distributor for Kata bags, and Audio Balun balancing unit.

Panasonic Australia
Australian corporate site. Camcorders, DS33 Digital World, digital TV, DVD, phones, office equipment.
Microwaves. Government supplies.

Reinfrid Langmann
Distributor of professional production tools ie: Adorage transition effects & Heroglyph special effects

Sony Australia
Corporate site covering all divisions including;Consumer - camcorders, digital imaging, TV, VCR, DVD, home theatre, personal audio, hi-fi, car audio. Computer - digital cameras, disk drives, data media, AV
computing. Broadcast and Professional - camcorders, media products, audio, display, data recorders,

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A new Effects Software
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Sponsor Multimedia Tools

MediaChance is a privately owned company and provides users with easy-to-use, affordable multimedia, video, DVD authoring and graphic solutions since 1996.
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Reallusion is a leader in the development of 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. Recognized as an industry pioneer, the company provides consumers with easy-to-use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync solutions for real-time 3D filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production.
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